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We leverage
the life-shaping
impact of sports
to promote human
and societal

our vision


At Defkalion Foundation our vision extends beyond the concrete contribution of philanthropic & benevolent institutions; we are concerned with ethical legacy.

stand the test of time

We aspire for the scope of our actions to meaningfully stand the test of time.

benevolence-oriented societies

Defkalion Foundation’s programmes are conceived with key societal issues in mind and developed to offer a direct and sustainable impact.
They endeavour to serve as long-term pathways towards benevolence-oriented societies.



We have a long journey ahead and often need to carry out our work through challenges. While resources remain important to achieving our goals, we recognise that it is through collaboration that our involvement can truly lead to sustainable impact.


It stems from holding in high esteem an athlete’s mindset; we operate with discipline and focus. We acknowledge the ever-evolving landscape around us and the need for sharp reflexes to introduce change and to course correct.

Listen, learn, fail better, rise stronger.


the game-changing ethos

Without our dedicated teams and valued partners our projects and initiatives would still be in the conception phase.

We are steadfast in offering a welcoming, inclusive and inspiring environment, –both inside the Foundation and across all our partnerships–, that is instilled with respect, fairness and integrity.

Eyes on the future

We aspire for our work to act in service of future generations.

It is critical to seek partnerships with other philanthropic funders and thereby amplify common advocacy efforts.
It is by cultivating alliances, creativity and ingenuity that we can ensure an effective  impact for the years to come.

our activities | Liturgies overview

Inspired as well by the practice of Euergetism of the Hellenistic period and the institution of Liturgies, our programmes focus on the importance of engaging voluntarily in actions "contributing to the welfare of the polis".


As established by the Olympic Charter, the practice of sports is a human right.
Under Gymnasiarchia, we are covering a wide range of programmes to encourage participation, competition and to ensure inclusive access to sports.

CSR Projects
Annual funding for the Foundation's initiatives; every year Defkalion Foundation submits to its Patrons -and may also co-develop, a list of actions in line with its principles and the Clubs' CSR vision.
(Funding shall not exceed €50,000)
Gear & equipment
Supplying sportswear, footwear, training material.
Youth talents-annual grants
Legendary FCs offering young players (up to 2) the unprecedented opportunity to train with their youth squads while participating in the pre-selection phase.
Fans & families
Yearly invitation of fans and their families (5 families, of up to 4 members) to attend one of the Club's home matches. (League, Cup, UCL)
Adopt a club, programme
In a spirit of solidarity, the Patron Club takes under its wings 2 Greek amateur football clubs and ensures their viability by covering their championship participation budget; facilities maintenance, transportation/accommodation costs, etc. (Funding shall not exceed €10,000)
Academia & training
Provide funding for a one-year internship, granted to a student/graduate of a Greek Sports University. The Club holds the right to extend the internship duration/submit a work proposal.

Promote holistic wellbeing and preventive healthcare.
Supporting the youth and families facing health challenges and requiring specialised medical care.

Preventive Defense
Introduce and fund compulsory biannual health checkups for sports communities, amateur football clubs and administrators.
Rescue Squad
Aiming at supporting via grants the emergency medical services; providing ambulances to serve the weekly amateur football games and sports communities.
Gratitude, because it matters
Introduce meditation and holistic wellbeing awareness seminars for individual athletes, teams and communities.
Integrate 1h-wellbeing sessions into the training curriculum of the club; ensure availability to its members on a weekly basis as part of their training programme.
This Drasis is aiming at providing funds and support to families and children facing health challenges (asthma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, kidney failure, eye syndromes).
We focus on building awareness at schools and communities by developing programmes and raising research funds.

Ingenuity programmes promoting entrepreneurship and innovation research.
Supporting current academic & business training projects and funding technology, research and policy-evaluation initiatives in the sports industry.

Kainotomia Lab
Enabling entrepreneurs' vision and bringing their new ideas to life.  Kainotomia aspires to support and promote a series of extraordinary innovations.
Our new sports ecosystem requires a dynamic carbon neutral environment, efficient stadia and sustainable policies.
Fan experience
More than ever eSolutions, creativity and novelty generate enormous interest. How can clubs and sports organisations enhance accessibility in stadia and sports facilities, their fans' experience and their already reputed services?
Libraries are more important today than ever.
Access to information and knowledge is a great equalizer. It enriches lives, ensures informed choices and prepares people for meaningful employment and contribution to society. Philosophia Drasis is targeting and supporting rural and underprivileged communities which are the least likely to have access to libraries, online educational platforms, or the necessary skills to navigate the digital world.

Achieving a more just and equitable society means challenging power dynamics and dismantling mechanisms of discrimination.
Through a culture of critical reflection we support and develop programmes aiming at integrating gender, equity and social inclusion principles into a collective mindset.

We make it our mission to provide care for elderly people and their families:
-Organise the provision of personal supplies (food and clothing).
-Develop activities that allow them to enjoy quality time.
-Supply medical chairs and similar equipment necessary.
We try to contribute to a more enriching life for our Seniors while helping them to experience meaningful, fulfilling moments.
Pitch for Change
Construction and renovation of football pitches and playgrounds for underprivileged communities. Organisation of annual community youth festivals and tournaments.
Defkalion Football Club
Reactivation of Defkalion FC as a live sports community hub, connecting it to national and international sports stakeholders. Participating in the National League and becoming a beacon celebrating Authenticity, Ethos and wellbeing.
The foundation of a school with a human-centred design for all underprivileged children, is the flagship of Defkalion Foundation.
Giving, sculpts Defkalion's DNA.
We extend our hand, we extend ourselves for others.
We become a part of a greater energy field.
Helping underprivileged children to achieve their dreams and creating a ripple effect, is our aspiration.
Reclaiming nature from the grip of climate change and disasters. Emerging technologies are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of first responders.
Defkalion's Eclipsis drasis is aiming at providing aid and disaster relief with the provision of drones to local authorities in order to help locate survivors and transmit information from remote areas.
Funding via grants the advancement of wildfire prediction models and raising awareness of global warming and its effects.

the founder

As the old adage goes,
"Beware of the Greeks bearing gifts..."
in our case however, it could not be further from the truth.


This is the journey of a man, –a journey spanning more than two decades–, that along with success and achievements, has triggered different kinds of realisations leading to inner probing on how to express gratitude for what life has offered him.

behind the vision

Three converging factors have made philanthropy an ethical imperative for him and a way of leading a meaningful life; roots that have instilled gratitude from a young age, his Hellenic culture and heritage and teachings on the Athenian institution of Liturgies.
They have all paved the way for a quest to contribute to a coherent system of giving, and acting, effectively and measurably better.

modus operandi

Bold ambitions are congruous with our origins; we come from a sporting landscape.
They are time-bound and rely on meticulously crafted interlinked programmes.

At Defkalion Foundation we combine the traditional project-funding and grant-giving format with capacity-building tools that target specific communities and organisations.
We have been consulting regulators and experts across a number of sectors in Europe & the Middle East to develop five-year strategic plans and theory of action.
We are partnering with like-minded professionals and diverse entities locally and internationally to form a highly agile model of support activities.
From its inception, the Foundation identifies with the moral imperative to contribute to multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (17SDGs)

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